ER2: A Certified Great Place to Work®

Reflecting our culture of innovation, trust and leadership, we’re taking our place among nationally-recognized businesses

Talk to anyone who’s taken a tour through our facility, and they notice something different, something very special, about our place. Aside from the giant metal slide in our corporate headquarters in Mesa, AZ, it’s the palpable feeling of positivity that comes from people who really love their job, and care about their coworkers.

So, we’re beyond excited that we’ve earned the certification of Great Place to Work®, which makes what we’ve known all along official… The culture of values, innovation and trust that our leaders have fostered places ER2, and its sister company Revive IT as a highly-desirable employer.

Serving our partners from Mesa and our eastern facility in Memphis, TN, as well as processing facilities in Texas, Nashville, TN, and West Sacramento, CA, ER2 has also seen the success that a positive culture can bring. We have enjoyed year-over-year revenue growth, low turnover rates of employees, and a leadership team that communicates its strategy and involves employees in developing and sharing new ideas and better ways of doing things. These are just a few of the hallmarks we have in common with other Great Place to Work® businesses.

“We are thrilled and honored that our team could be recognized for our culture and investment in our team,” said CEO Chris Ko. “Our focus in hiring has always been based on culture; we seek people who share our vision to be responsible partners, and who share our values of continuous improvement, humility and servanthood. This has made for a company rich with talented and caring people, who truly support each other and bring out the best in each other.”

Great Place to Work® certification is based on benchmarks that measure trust among employees in a company, and a consistent experience of that trust across all demographics and departments. Only some of the many companies who apply actually receive certification.

To determine and rank the best, Great Place to Work® analyzes the data collected from their employee survey, focusing on

  • Whether employees trust the people they work for

  • Whether all employees can reach their full human potential, no matter who they are or what they do

  • Responses measured relative to each company’s size, workforce makeup and what’s typical for the industry and regions

  • Employees’ daily experiences of three areas: innovation, their company’s values and their leaders’ effectiveness, and also consider how consistently they’re experienced by all groups.

“I am so excited about our scores across the board!” said Gina Lidster, Director of HR and Engagement. “One to highlight is our score of 95 percent in the focus area of ‘Pride.’ The survey questions in this area focused on just that, our team members feeling proud to work at ER2, looking forward to coming in each day, and most importantly, feeling like their work has special meaning. As many might agree, with how much of our lives we spend at work, it’s so important to love what we do. For our team members to confirm that they feel a sense of purpose here -- it's such a huge win for all of us.”

We are so blessed and grateful to have this unique and talented team helping us achieve our mission and vision to be responsible to our partners, community, environment and each other.

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