Beyond Child's Play: Gaming Systems Help Young Seizure Patients

ER2 was recently involved in helping a Cub Scout pack in Lakeland, TN, secure two XBox One gaming systems for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital Neuroscience Unit.

“They will uses these systems to monitor brain activity while the child plays the game(s)," explained assistant Cub Master Curt Wennekamp to Lakeland Currents. "Also, the patients on the Neuro Unit cannot leave the floor, and having video games accessible helps them cope with the hospital and provides some much needed distraction and diversion.”

ER2's commitment to serving the community drives such partnerships, and the reward has been in seeing how technology can positively transforms and impact people.

Robert Jackson, Director of Operations at ER2 Memphis, was also positively impacted by the experience. "This was my first time visiting Lebonheur and I must say it was an eye-opening experience," he said. "I really enjoyed my time with the scouts and for all parties involved it was an amazing feeling to be donating to such a great cause.

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