What E-Recycling Means to the Planet

We've all long understood that the "reduce, reuse, recycle" practice helps keep things that simply don't degrade out of our landfills. It's not always so obvious what our impact is to the environment as a whole. After all, what does refurbishing a laptop have to do with air quality?

Answer: everything

Even though we're a business built on the model to keep everything we receive from ever reaching a landfill by refurbishing, reselling or recycling, we still need to remind ourselves what that means, and how the numbers add up. Dare we say that we're pretty impressed?

As the video explains, it all starts with knowing what we're up against, and measuring how what we do can minimize the negative impact of waste. We also invite our partners to chart their impact throughout the year, and hope that it encourages them to think leaner in their use of any product.

Even individuals can make a difference. Don't believe it? E-Stewards has a great calculator to help you realize what all of your electronics can add up to. Measure for yourself, and marvel at the difference we all make.

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