Calvary Rescue Mission Expands its Reach

For so many of the people who receive a computer or other tech device, it’s a welcome tool of convenience. For others, it literally is a lifeline to self-sufficiency and success in the world. While ER2 is dedicated to providing its partners with excellent service, the true servancy we strive for comes through the donations we make to nonprofits.

Just recently, the Calvary Rescue Mission in Memphis, located two miles from our own facility near downtown, celebrated the grand opening of its new shelter. The building represents the latest milestone in Calvary’s impressive 51-year history of uplifting lives and saving souls. And we were honored to lend a hand to them.

We were proud to be a small part of their new building plans, providing 10 computers, monitors and accessories along with five laptops and two printers. Director of Finance and Development Betty Hatcher, who began the ministry in 1951 with husband Milton, said the tech was “such a blessing. It serves our goal to have people become productive, providing training classes to teach residents how to do even the most basic things, like fill out job applications and create email accounts.”

Calvary has been a hopeful presence in Memphis, from its early days where Milton, a recovering alcoholic, would drive the streets in a hearse to “pick up drunks,” according to their website. It also explains, “the hearse had quite a sobering effect on the men and Milton was very successful in seeing some saved.”

The mission has held several addresses over the years, but the multi-million dollar facility now open will likely provide homeless men with a place to call home while they rehabilitate for many years to come. With a size that is roughly 3.5 times that of its former facility, as many as 108 men will be able to stay there, with thousands more being reached throughout the year. The new building also features classrooms, counseling rooms offices, a library and a chapel.

Our proximity to Calvary is not just geographic. We also share the vision that constantly improving resources starts with people. Investing in those who need assistance lifts them to be all they were created to be, but it also lifts the entire community.

Our commitment as a company is to also act in humility and live a life of servanthood. It may be tough for some to see that in a company that refurbishes used technology, but in a world that requires it to learn skills, get a job, and succeed, it’s an easy fit. We’re excited to see what putting such tools into the hands of people who have been overlooked or discounted for their value can do to change their possibilities and their outlook on life.

We also share a similar attitude of “This is good, but we can do more” with Calvary Rescue Mission. It may have been enough for Milton and Betty to serve a few men, but as they felt called by God “to do something special,” they have constantly expanded and created not just a new building, but a new life for so many who may have otherwise fallen to despair. Likewise, we also can never be complacent by our successes, but use them to create a company culture that encourages everyone to improve at every turn. It’s not enough to simply perform a function as a technology refurbisher, we too feel called to do something truly special.

Congratulations to Calvary for achieving this milestone, which will impact the community in a positive way. We are honored to have helped in bringing access to tools that will provide real-world opportunities for those seeking a better future. We look forward to what amazing stories will come from within your walls, and even more so from what happens as those you impact as they re-enter the community.

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