Effective Communication

Communication in the workplace is inevitable, but effective communication in the workplace does not come quite as easily. It’s important to refresh our communication skills to ensure the cogs keep oiled and things continue to move forward.

What is communication?

Communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

What are some ways in which we communicate?

  • Listening

  • Verbal

  • Written

  • Visual

If we can agree that communication is both delivering information and receiving information it is helpful to remember a few things for both!

When delivering information remember to…

  • Recap the take away or important details

  • Be aware of your body language

  • Know what you want the other person to take away

  • Understand the variable of interpretation

  • Stay focused

  • Ensure accuracy in statements

  • Ask pointed questions

  • Maintain correct influxes in your voice

When delivering information remember to…

  • Regurgitate your take away’s

  • Focus on the information being communicated

  • Refrain from interruption

  • Limit distractions

  • Ask clarifying questions

Over things to remember about communication…

There are no stupid questions

  • What you say is not necessarily what others hear

  • None of us are perfect communicators

  • Questions are good; when delivering or receiving

  • People do not communicate in the same ways

  • There is always room to improve our communication

The takeaway…

Whether delivering or receiving information, reviewing and regurgitating that information will only improve communications!

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