Conserve H2O at work - one bottle at a time!

As a business we go through much resources than a typical home. We also understand that we can have a huge impact, positively, on our environment by simply conserving or using less of those resources.

At our newest facility located in Memphis, hot and humid is the norm. Making sure our staff is drinking plenty of water is a must. When installing our company ‘watering holes’ we reflected on what we’ve done in the past and how we could improve upon it.

Previously we would got through bottles of water like crazy! Or we would have coolers that took staff forever to fill their own water bottles. We wanted to find something that would make conserving water fun for the team while being easy and efficient.

We ended up finding a company by the name of Elkay Manufacturing Company, and it provides some terrific water station ideas for the workplace. They have a ton of options, they’re ‘Quick. Clean. Green.’!

For us, the ‘Bottle Saved’ that displays on our drinking station is more than rewarding. We can all see the impact we are having on a daily basis by reusing our water bottles.

Ideas like this validate our responsibility to our environment. It become more of a game than what some feel is a chore. Brainstorm ideas in your own teams to discover fun initiatives that allow you and your company to Reuse, Reduce & Recycle!

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