E-waste Facts - Did you know?

There seems to be a desensitization to e-waste or the understanding of it’s impact, and that could be because it is such a prevalent topic in this technology age. Just like any hot topic, sometimes it’s sobering to here some of the point blank facts about the subject at hand.

Earth 911 put together a great article in February of 2016, that lays out some of those facts. Included below are a few of them that may get you thinking about e-waste and recycling in new ways!

  1. The United States produces more e-waste annually than any other country. The amount of electronics that Americans throw away every year? 9.4 million tons.

  2. Only 12.5% of e-waste is recycled, according to the EPA.

  3. Old television sets as well as CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors contain approximately 4-8 pounds of lead, a neurotoxin. Improper disposal means this toxic substance can leach into the ground.

  4. Not all e-waste recyclers are the same. There are safer ways to recycle e-waste, and then there are companies that simply export the waste to developing countries. Rather than monitoring the recycling of the e-waste for health and human safety standards in these developing countries, many businesses simply have residents disassemble waste and use scrap metal, exposing the workers to toxic materials. Look for an e-waste recycling company that has been vetted through e-stewards.org.

  5. There are more mobile phones in existence than there are number of people living on Earth.

  6. The UN University estimates that global e-waste volumes could increase by as much as 33% between 2013-2017.

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