Electronic Power Solutions - When the Lights go out!

Whether it was recent or some time in the distant past, we’ve all dealt with a power outage. If not, count yourself lucky! These outages can go for minutes or days but either way it’s nice to have a solution in your back pocket for times like this.

In today’s world back up batteries are used in all sort of applications. Businesses especially put forth the efforts to ensure that if there were any sort of power loss, business could continue with out a hitch. This is more evident in places like data centers, who rely on a constant flow of power pulsing through their buildings. If they were to loose power with out a back up power solution, it would effect anyone and everyone that stored any kind of data with that company!

For home and small office’s there are several viable options when it comes to back up power.

1. UPS’s

UPS’s (Uninterrupted Power Supply) are one of the most common options of power alternative when your main supply is m.i.a. While depending on the unit, the majority of UPS’s only offer a few extra minutes of power. However, those minutes can be critical and provides the much needed time to save what’s needed on computers or other devices before shutting down.

2. Generators

These are more viable options for those wanting hours of power should the lights go out. They can be gas powered or solar powered and produce enough power to run quite a few items. You can find generators handy in several situations but typically see them in motorhomes and trailers, allowing for off-grid living for periods of time.

3. Portable Battery Packs

These devices must be pre-charged, but will provide enough power to recharge your mobile devices fully 1-3 times depending on the variables. While they won’t be all that useful for larger devices or appliances, they definitely come in handy to keep a cell phone charged in order to make and receive calls.

Not matter your situation, home or office, it’s a good idea to take a look at the options. Better to be prepared than risk loosing valuable information on a computer system, or not having the ability to stay connected. An awesome solution to purchasing these items new, is to find an authorized refurbisher that can provide them at a deeper discount while maintaining the reliability you want!

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