2 Second Lean; Bringing it Home

As a growing business with one or two facilities you learn and pull concepts or principles from other companies that inspire you. You figure out what works and what doesn’t work, developing the culture as you go.

Larger companies like an Apple for example, have a main campus that serves as a corporate headquarter, training center and really an inspirational masterpiece for the rest of the company. It’s a place to recapture the essence of what makes the company great.

What’s really neat is being able to learn or adopt a concept from another company and then eventually visiting or touring their facility to immerse yourself in the experience.

This is exactly what we were able to do this past week. As part of our culture we’ve adopted a Lean Mentality. We strive to continuously improve, make changes and develop ourselves. We’ve used FastCap LLC as our guiding force and have taken the ideals that they live and breath daily, to develop our own journey at ER2.

A few of the leadership team headed up to Bellingham, WA and participated in a tour of the FastCap facility. There we were, standing in the middle of a company we have learned so much from, immersed in an extreme lean environment. Everywhere we looked, lean thinking was implemented, every person we talked to had lean concepts flowing through them. This was the Disneyland of Lean to us!

With the understanding that what works for one may not work for another, we were able to put together a list of take-aways, we recognized, that could make us and our team even better.

Bringing the excitement of Lean home to our facility has laid the groundwork for us to take the next steps of our Lean Journey, and we are thrilled for whatever comes next!

ER2 is an electronic recycling company located in Phoenix, Arizona and Memphis, Tennessee servicing all of the United States and Canada. Providing services that include: Secure Hard Drive Shredding, Electronic Recycling, Computer Recycling, E-Waste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Solutions and Free Pick-up.

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