Responsible to Our Community

We are blessed beyond measure and too often forget about investing in others who really need it. We have been been searching for a cause that aligns with our vision, where we can give back and help others.

We recently took some time as a company to tour Helen’s Hope Chest here is Mesa, Arizona. They have a beautiful establishment that caters to foster families in need of clothing and toys for the additional children they may be supporting.

This isn’t a typical for profit clothing drop off point. It’s focus is to eliminate the cost of clothing for foster children as much as possible. This is an amazing ‘boutique’ style environment that allows foster families to schedule a time to pick out items for their children free of charge. It provides a place for foster children to escape the reality of being pulled from their homes, what they know, and refocus their energies in a fun and creative way. Items from Helen’s Hope Chest do not feel like ‘donations’. Instead, they make the kids feel as if they are being treated just like any other child Not only this, but it aids foster parents tremendously in the cost of adding another child (sometimes more) to the household.

Clothing is not the only thing that Helen’s Hope stocks, they have also created a beautiful toy room, shoe racks and more.

As we look further into building a partnership with them, we are encouraged to take what we have been given and bless others in need. Both with our time and resources we can impact our communities in positive ways, and that aligns with our vision perfectly.

Learn more about Helen’s Hope Chest here!

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