Continuous Improvement is Where It’s At!

To often we get in the rut of doing the same thing repeatedly, and soon we take the task at face value. It will always be this way, therefore I do not question how it is done.

A year ago we, as a company, challenged ourselves to think differently and it began with a concept called “Lean Thinking”. (Click here if you would like to know more about introducing lean thinking in a workplace environment.) The basic underlying thought was to ‘eliminate waste by continuous improvement’, and this idea radically changed the way we do things. Instead of being content with the way things are done we constantly look at ways we can improve our systems and processes.

Wherever we can see waste we find a way to eliminate it. We pose the same question to ourselves each and every day… “What drives me crazy about what I do?” Ironically it’s the simplest of things, like having to get up from a desk to find a stapler, or running out of power on a radio and forced to work without one while it charges.

These small but frustrating scenarios can be easily resolved by purchasing a stapler that stays on one’s desk, or carrying a back up battery for those that use their radios heavily. These remedies are what we like to call “2-Second Lean Ideas”. They save us wasted time, motion, over-processing and the list goes on. They are often overlooked because we fail to press pause, identify the issues and then engage is a creative thought process to find a solution. The key is that there is no solution too small. If it saves 2 seconds of your time, it’s worth it.

The value we have found in approaching our days with lean thinking cannot be underemphasized and the best part about it? Anyone can do it, anywhere! So test it out, whether you’re at home or in the office, find something that bugs you and think creatively on how you can improve it just a little. You’ll soon find the process fun and rewarding.

If creative thinking is not your forte, click here to enjoy some of these easy solutions to some of life’s most trying situations…

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