iMac Winner - Az Tech Summit!

We had a lot of visitors and our booth at the Az Tech Summit was a big hit! Our giveaways and interactive options included tape measures, hot/cold packs, a photo booth, in which everyone had a blast, and, our iMac giveaway!

It’s always fun and exciting for everyone involved when there’s a giveaway! Visitors were encouraged to register or provide a business card to win! We had a lot of great conversations with people who need to recycle their computers and electronics, both at their companies and personally!

They were enthusiastic about re-purposing old computers, after securely wiping the hard drives, of course, to be shared with those in our community who can’t afford them!

We recently surpassed our required number for a grant from Chase Bank in the amount of 150K for our Computers for the Community Program. You can still vote to support us in our efforts.

Our winner was remembered for his visit to our booth because he was especially funny and enthusiastic. We are thrilled that Max was the iMac winner!

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