Reuse Those Sunflowers

In Arizona we have some of the hottest summers around! Often times its difficult if not impossible to grow during these hot months. One must be very selective when choosing summer crops.

Here in our ER2 Garden it's important to us to have a growing garden year round. This is our living example of why we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When the heat rolls in our plant of choice is the sunflower. The flowers currently growing in our garden are in the pics above. They are easy to maintain, grow beautifully in our climate and you can have a rotating crop to ensure summer long blooming. Not only that, but there are so many variations of height and color that the possible results are endless!

Of course being a company that is founded on the principles of repurposing, people often ask us what we do with the sunflower stalks after the season is over. It's a great question and here are the top 5 ways we know of to put those stalks back to use!

1) Let them dry out and use them as bean poles, or other vegetable supports in the winter.

2) They can act as a natural fencing.

3) They produce great shade cover or privacy, especially if you stake them, planting climbing vines around them.

4) Believe it or not they can be made into musical instruments, like flutes.

5) They can be chopped up and used as kindling during the winter months.

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