Every year ER2 donates a portion of the computers we receive from partners like you to communities in need.

Someone Cares Ministries

ER2’s responsibility to serve our community isn’t bound by geography. The need for, and ability to reach others through technology are global. In remote villages of Africa, where HIV and AIDs continue to take so many lives, we were happy to equip Somebody Cares Ministries with laptops that would allow them to serve the poorest of people struggling with the disease (among others) and its effects on everyone.

Keeping records of patients at clinics, and staying connected with resources to supply medications and other supplies, enables missionaries to fulfill their work, and to help heal their patients. It is our responsibility to serve, wherever and however we can, and we are as excited to fulfill our mission as those serving in these remote places.


ASA Now is a non-profit organization that advocates for, supports, and assists children who are currently in or have been adopted out of foster care in Arizona. ER2 has maintained a focus on helping this population in particular, as these children are often overlooked and underserved.

The computers provided current foster children with homework assistance, online job applications, applying for insurance, and a host of other life skills training opportunities as they emerge from foster care into independent living. As the duration of remote learning extends beyond what anyone expected, we’re happy to help keep these students connected and competitive with their counterparts who have the blessing of permanent homes and families.

Disabled American Veterans

It’s hard to imagine any other group that has sacrificed more and given to our communities than the military veterans who have served our country so selflessly. So it was our deep honor to return the favor, even in a small way.

A donation of 20 laptops helps Disabled American Veterans - Coolidge Chapter (AZ) continue and enhance vital programs that assist veterans with navigating the benefits system, search for jobs, and gain skills related to employment. It is tough enough re-entering civilian life after military service, and quite another to do so after injury that may impact a soldier’s ability to perform.

Our hope is that these small tokens of gratitude translate into new and productive lives for all of our veterans

University of Phoenix

Despite what its name may suggest, University of Phoenix has a broad reach, educating thousands of students from coast to coast. While their learning model in many respects was already geared for online learning, the press of remote learning across the country made all institutions reevaluate how they could serve their students most efficiently.

A donation of 41 laptops made possible through our partnership, along with other purchased devices that the University then provided their students, helped answer the need to continue education and help students complete their degrees.

Banner Health Foundation

When the COVID pandemic erupted in 2020, ER2 was blessed to be positioned to help hospitals and the education sector with handheld devices to keep patients and students connected.

So when Banner Hospitals could not allow patient visitors, the value of seeing loved ones that could provide the support that no medicine could imitate was paramount. A donation of tablets to the Banner Health Foundation allowed patients to communicate with their loved ones, and kept those on the outside connected and reassured. The innovation we have seen to maintain a continuum of care during this incredibly tough time has been nothing short of inspiring.