Every year ER2 donates a portion of the computers we receive from partners like you to communities in need.

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Televerde Foundation


Our moms are our first teachers, nurturers and role models. So it’s a sobering statistic to know that 80 percent of women in jail are mothers. We believe that should not be the end of the story for these women, but the beginning of the road back to society, and most importantly, their children.

We were therefore excited to provide laptops to Televerde Foundation, whose mission is to help women emerging from incarceration to become productive, successful members of society. Key to that success are tools to help them learn skills, connect with educational and employment opportunities, and simply develop life skills to build a future in which they and their families can thrive and forever change their future for the better.

The University of Memphis


We are keenly aware of the need for skilled workers in the technology industry, and ER2 was happy to invest in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Chapter at University of Memphis. We provided an assortment of tech, including server workstations, Macbook Pros, monitors, and related accessories.

The chapter will be using the donated equipment to better help students learn IT skills with assets that would typically only be found in a corporate or structured work environment. The culmination of technology and software that they address will give students a head start into their IT careers. And who knows, we may be hiring some of them in the near future.

Manhood University


A program of the City of Memphis, Manhood University aims to encourage, empower and employ the men in Memphis to reach their highest potential. To assist in their goals to build character, improve communication, and strengthen leadership skills for men, ER2 was asked to provide technical assistance.

The desktops, keyboards, monitors and mice serve to instruct participants enrolled in sessions to develop goal-setting and time management skills, financial literacy, conflict resolution, job readiness and communication skills. As children need positive male role models, the program is rebuilding the foundation for stronger families, and a stronger community.

Cub Scout Pack 455 Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Neuroscience Unit


It’s especially humbling to be a part of giving when it’s children looking to serve others. Such was the case with Cub Scout Pack 445, who asked ER2 to help them help other kids that were struggling with neurological conditions like seizures.

Two gaming systems were provided for the pack in order to help the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Neuroscience Unit in Lakeland, TN. The process of playing these games for children there can provide doctors with important information on brain activity, thereby improving treatment for each patient. While the doctors aren’t observing, the games are also a great outlet for kids who must stay in hospital, away from their friends.

For stories like this, we remain convinced that giving affects us all, whether we are the direct recipients or simply get the privilege to witness it.

Davis Community Center


While people will rave about the athletic options (basketball, badminton, table tennis and other play facilities), but Davis Community Center in Memphis is also about learning, growth and enabling the community it serves to be more.

ER2 assisted Davis in enhancing its learning center with a computer lab designed for the community (both children and parents) for tutoring study sessions, ACT prep, presentations, tech classes, learning online classes, coding, web search, etc. Team members installed the stations, complete with a dozen desktops, monitors and mice to provide the community access to tools to help them develop personally and professionally.

However, that’s not the end of the story....ER2 took this project under its wing and team members were all hands on deck in moving donated furniture into the new space, and donating artwork and a television to hang on its walls. As we re-emerge from a global pandemic, we’re excited to see how these seeds of caring will take root in our community.