From industry news to what's happening within ER2, this is the place to hear about it! Here we share helpful insights into responsibly recycling electronic e-waste, making a positive impact on the environment, and understanding who we are and our responsibilities to our customers.

Providing Needed Tech Amid COVID-19

As our core values of servanthood and continuous improvement have laid the foundation, ER2 is in a unique position to serve communities across the country during the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. As stay-at-home orders require companies to transition their employees to work remotely, many find they don’t have the equipment needed to stay connected and maintain efficient production. Schools also suddenly need to ensure their students can stay connected with their teachers to continue learning from home. ER2 and its sister company, Revive IT, have already established country-wide partnerships with school districts, businesses, and health care systems to provide technology solutions as a par

Millennials, Technology, and the Impact on Healthcare

Millennials seem to be the most talked-about generation lately, and they are a dynamic group to track. They are a huge population as well, making up 50 percent of the US workforce in 2020, and 75 percent globally by 2025. So as we focus on our promise to keep any customers’ data secure, particularly those in the healthcare industry, we pay particular attention to how this group's behavior can impact that goal. To be sure, millennials are changing how healthcare information is obtained, used and changed. While it can force innovation and more connectedness to patients and their doctors, it can also challenge the privacy hospitals, clinics and physicians strive to maintain. The upside is in th

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