From industry news to what's happening within ER2, this is the place to hear about it! Here we share helpful insights into responsibly recycling electronic e-waste, making a positive impact on the environment, and understanding who we are and our responsibilities to our customers.

Storytelling: Are You the Hero or the Guide?

While people shop for things, they look at a lot of factors; marketing 101 talks about the “5 Ps,” which include price, placement and product, but really people want to feel good about doing business with whomever they give their money to. Businesses are the commodity as much as the products and services they sell, so their story needs to be compelling enough to draw customers in, even when the price may not be the lowest. We’re getting better at telling our story, which explains why you’re reading our blog. We’re clarifying a message that tells people our vision, our mission and how it impacts everyone we touch. But beyond story, we want to make sure we’re assigning our roles properly to ke

Common Goals: Sponsoring a Soccer Team Goes Hand in Hand With Our Vision

While the fascination is on the World Cup, our focus is on backing a team in our own backyard. At first the similarities don’t leap out at you: An electronics recycler and refurbisher on one hand, and a neighborhood soccer club on the. But when the South Memphis Soccer Club was first officially started in 2016 and asked for our help in sponsoring them, the more we got to know them, the more we saw a shared vision in changing a community. SMSC was formed by a group of neighbors and friends living in the South Memphis neighborhood — just a short walk down the street from ER2 — who started playing soccer as a way to build community and to be together. Each year since it has grown to be so muc

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