From industry news to what's happening within ER2, this is the place to hear about it! Here we share helpful insights into responsibly recycling electronic e-waste, making a positive impact on the environment, and understanding who we are and our responsibilities to our customers.

Walking in Memphis...ER2 Blue Suede Shoes and All

The Memphis Business Journal was kind enough to do a very nice article on our expansion to Memphis. We are so thankful to the media for being so responsive to our expansion and desire to be involve and make a postive impact in Memphis. Click Here to Check out the Article ER2 is an electronic recycling company located in Phoenix, Arizona and Memphis, Tennessee servicing all of the United States and Canada. Providing services that include: Secure Hard Drive Shredding, Electronic Recycling, Computer Recycling, E-Waste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Solutions and Free Pick-up.

Global E-Commerce, Big for ER2 and Small Businesses

Chris Ko had the pleasure of speaking and presenting in a Webinar to discuss how global e-commerce is availble and in fact should be a focus for small businesses. We got to speak along with Aparna Lahiri EBay's Manager of Global Shipping Platform and the US Department of Commerce. They have partnered to help increase global Small Business commerce. We are not experts by any means, but were happy to provide at the very least encouragment to other small businesses that it is obtainable and profitable. Check out the blog by the US Dept of Commerce discussing the webinar "3 Surprising Truths about International E-Commerce": Click Here for Link to Blog Post by Department of Commerce ER2 is an el

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