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A Giant Thank You! Arizona Technology Summit 2014!

Thank You to All Who Visited and Said Hello! Yesterday we were super fortunate to present and host a booth at the Arizona Technology Summit at the Phoenix Convention Center. Needless to say if you didn't have FUN visiting us, learning about hard drive destruction, computer and electronic recycling and our equipment purchasing program, that's on you. We loved visiting with our current and hopefully future partners. The turnout and interaction was incredible. Looking forward to serving new partners soon! With Gratitude, The ER2 Team

Arizona Technology Summit

We sat down with one of the owners and asked him a few questions about the Arizona Technology Summit... Q. What do you like about the Arizona Technology Summit? Ko: The Tech Summit usually brings in Chief Technology Officers (CTO’s) and high level industry people who are the decision makers we’d like the opportunity to speak with directly. ER2 gets 15 to 20 solid leads that come out of there. Q. What Do You Think of the Tech Summit Event ? Ko: It is put on by a top notch production and organized team. There’s a lot of people involved in the industry to make it successful. Q. What is going to be different about this year’s Tech Summit? Ko: There will be

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