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Er2 awards

From being recognized as one of the Best Places to Work all the way to being the Largest Phoenix-Area Minority-Owned businesses, ER2 is pleased to highlight our awards!

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Largest Phoenix-Area Minority-Owned Firms

The Phoenix Business Journal recognized ER2’s sister company Nationwide Surplus LLC/Revive IT among the Largest Minority-Owned businesses 2020. 


Ranking #11 among 59 businesses in the survey, we’re proud to be associated with so many other businesses that exhibited a spirit of innovation and forward-thinking to earn the designation.


Our CEO is of Chinese descent, and a large portion of our team members also claim a heritage outside of the US. The blending of our cultures makes us a diverse, inclusive company that embraces the unique gifts everyone has to bring to our company. We exist to serve our partners and our environment, but also our communities and each other, and we’re humbled to be considered among the top companies who embrace this concept as well.

Best Places to Work

The Phoenix Business Journal caught us on the way up and we’re excited and honored to be placed 3rd overall as a Best Place to Work for small businesses in the metro area. When the survey was conducted, ER2 still fit the definition of a small business, which numbers 50 to 99 employees. 


We’re most proud that this high ranking is a direct result of employee feedback, which shows that investing in the people you hire, and seeking out people who fit your core values, makes us a Best Place to Work. Out of a possible 100 points, ER2 scored a whopping 94.73. With our commitment to continuous improvement, you can bet we’re already at work on perfecting that 5.27 percent. 

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Largest Phoenix-Area Computer Consultants

The Computer and Technology industry is a crowded, competitive one, so it’s especially humbling to be recognized for our efforts in being unique, innovative and a company that only the best want to work.


We’re excited to be named one of the largest Computer Consultants in the greater Phoenix metro area. Ranked #10 among 41 businesses in the survey, we feel it’s our commitment to our team members’ personal and professional growth that sets us apart from so many other great companies. Our four-year growth has exceeded 225%, and we’re just getting started!

ER2 Named One of Nation's Fastest-Growing Firms in Under-Resourced Communities

The recognition marks the 3rd year in a row for ER2 among the fastest-growing companies. 


We recognize that it’s one thing to show significant growth in the early years of a company, but quite another to maintain that growth year after year as a company matures. ER2 has existed for more than 10 years, so it’s our deep honor to again be recognized as a top 100, fastest-growth company according to Fortune Magazine and the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC).


ER2 was ranked 31st  based on its growth rate of 225 percent from 2015 to 2019. The company was founded in 2011 and employs over100 workers. We’ve increased our team member ranks by 42 in the past 2 years, which is reflective of our commitment to a positive culture of excellence that serves our communities and our customers. 


ICIC’s program recognizes successful inner city businesses and their CEOs as role models for entrepreneurship, innovative business practices, and job creation in America’s urban communities. 


“We strive to restore and bring back to life the products, the community, and the people that come to work for us,” says CEO Chris Ko. “We want people who walk through the doors looking to give and not receive.”

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