Looking in a new direction?

One of ER2's largest competitors, Arrow Electronics just announced that it will shut down their Hardware Asset Disposition and Decommissioning (ITAD) services.

Sometimes being forced to look in a new direction leads us to a better place.

We believe that through our complete ITAD solutions, we can serve you better than you've come to expect!


Worldwide Coverage
Not Typical
Asset Inventory
Charge per Asset
No Cost
Hard Drive Destruction
Charge per Asset
No Cost
Shipping & Logistics
Charge per Trip
No Cost
Asset List Required In Advance
Not Required
Palletized & Ready for Pickup
Not Required (We'll pack it up!)
Onsite Inventory Reconciliation
Not Available (in most cases)
No Cost
Company Based Customer Portal
Charge per User
No Cost
24/7 Online Document Access
Charge per User
No Cost
Community Impact
Not Typical
1000's of Laptops Donated


ER2 offers our customers complete IT Asset Disposition solutions. We provide the best experience on personal computer and mobility asset disposition, along with imaging, and deployment.

Whether you work directly with the manufacturer or utilize our partnerships, we can make sure you are getting exactly what you need to make the best decision possible.

We have developed a proprietary process that accurately applies your custom image, binds it to your network, and installs any post image programs automatically. 

One of the opportunities we constantly hear about that IT organizations wished they could improve upon is accurate asset management. We provide a comprehensive software solution that addresses those issues.

You can rest assured in knowing that we know our greatest responsibility and burden of performance is making sure your e-scrap, data and, proprietary equipment is securely destroyed. 

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None of your electronics or e-scrap will ever see a landfill or reach an underdeveloped, unregulated country that lacks the resources to control and audit responsible recycling practices.